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Why should you utilize a clearance procedures checklist?  Too many film and television projects run into delays, or even litigation, because producers have planned and budgeted for every aspect of their project—except for clearance. This checklist will guide you through the documents you need to obtain and the procedures you need to follow in order to avoid unnecessary legal problems, ease the E&O insurance application process, and make your distributors happy.

Your checklist made the clearance process so easy to understand. Thank you!

Mark R.

My distributor was so pleased that everything was in order with our film, and we weren't left scrambling at the last minute.

Samantha G.

We've never had such a smooth application for E&O insurance before.

Brian H.


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Don’t Shelve Your Film Project because of an Oversight

Download your FREE Film & Television Clearance Procedures Checklist and discover the 22 different types of clearance procedures every project should follow to ensure successful distribution.

 This helpful checklist guides you through the need-to-know clearance procedures process—from start to finish—so you won’t have to guess or worry about whether you’ve missed a critical step in the clearance process.


  • Script Cleansing
  • Annotation Guides
  • Sourcing Original Works
  • Script Submission Policies
  • Script Clearance Reports
  • Copyright Registrations
  • Life Story Rights
  • Releases
  • Artwork
  • Music Licensing
  • Chain of Title
  • Copyright Reports
  • Title Reports
  • Title Opinions
  • Review of Clearance Procedures
  • and MORE!

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