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The Clearance Lab provides comprehensive reports and attorney opinion letters that reduce the risk of legal exposure or project delay for the film and television industries.

We offer fast, efficient, and comprehensive film title searches, film title reports and attorney opinion letters for your film project. We know exactly what your insurance underwriter is looking for in a title report and compile our reports in an easy to read format so there is no added delay in the E&O underwriting process.  LEARN MORE . . .

Script clearance reports drafted to identify areas of legal exposure and streamline the insurance underwriting process reduce your risk of unnecessary costs and project delays. With turnaround times to match any schedule, these reports will have you on your way to a successful production.  LEARN MORE . . .

Experienced advice and well-crafted legal opinions on title or chain of title for your project will satisfy your financier, distributor, and insurance carrier’s need for attorney approval of clearance.  LEARN MORE . . .

Quick, efficient, and comprehensive copyright reports written to expedite the E&O underwriting process and ensure your project remains free of legal red tape.  LEARN MORE . . .

Chain of title opinions minimize your risk of legal exposure and document the allocation and waiver of rights belonging to your project’s contributors.  They are the best way to ensure you have covered all of your rights issues.  LEARN MORE . . .

Fast and thorough film title searches, film title reports, and attorney opinion letters provide a custom assortment of services to reduce your project’s risk of legal exposure. These complete bundles back your intellectual property with expert legal advice and research.  LEARN MORE . . .

I can't thank you enough for the outstanding work you've done and the extremely quick turnaround!

Hossam A.

We are all very happy and appreciative of the work done by The Clearance Lab and the legal arm, you guys have done a great job for this project and we will be working with you again for many more years to come.

Sandy P.

Wonderful! Thank you!

Anita S.

It is only because of your professional work that Chubb has now included the title in the E&O certificate for our PBS film.

Brandon M.

Our distributor was really impressed with your report. Thank you so much for all your help in getting our project into theaters!

Harvey S.

Thanks for the smooth, professional and timely turnaround on everything. Looking forward to doing more work with you!

Joel S.
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Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, The Clearance Lab serves clients in the U.S., Canada, and throughout the world, and works with all types of media, including feature films, television series, video games, web series, and publishing. We specialize in reports and attorney opinion letters—all of which take a proactive approach to mitigating legal issues in television, movie, video game, and print projects before they become problems.

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