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Film Title Reports

Make the right choice when choosing a provider.

How much is a film title report? Need a title report for your film or television product?  Working on a tight budget?  Not sure what to look for in a provider?  Here are the key things to look for before purchasing a title report or any other clearance services.

  1. Credibility of the Company

Insurance carriers and distributors will only accept title reports from credible research companies.  These companies have been in the business and have a proven track record of accurate and comprehensive reports.  The Clearance Lab has worked with all of the major insurance carriers and distributors in the U.S., Canada, and around the globe.  And the list of credits speaks for itself.


  1. Ease of Process and Turnaround Times

Producing a feature film or television series is a backbreaking and time consuming enterprise.  The last thing a producer needs is to spend extra time hunting down their clearance company to ensure everything is on track and will be delivered on time.  The Clearance Lab has a smooth online ordering process so you can get what you need in a couple clicks.  With flexible turnaround time options and streamlined electronic delivery, you don’t have to worry about a thing.


  1. Price

Clearance costs are often the forgotten stepchild in budgets.  Particularly for independent films, last minute costs can be disastrous.  It’s important to know up front what you will need and to work with a company you can rely upon to deliver without hidden fees.  Unlike most clearance companies, The Clearance Lab publishes its highly competitive rates so you don’t have to predict costs and cross your fingers at crunch time.  With clearance packages, you can even bundle services and save significant funds in you budget for other needs.

Before you form a relationship with a film clearance company, remember to that you need a company that can deliver the reports and opinion letters that will satisfy your financiers, insurance carrier, and distributors in an easy, cost effective manner.  The Clearance Lab partners with its clients to ensure clearance issues are the last thing a producer needs to worry about.