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By April 9, 2015 Uncategorized

Protect Your Film or Television Project

If you’re shooting a television series, a feature film, a short, or even producing a video game with a scripted storyline it is crucial to obtain a script clearance report prior to production.

Simply put, a script clearance report researches all character names, locations, and business names in your script to ensure that they do not infringe on any rights. It then provides alternatives for potentially litigious elements, and contact information for registered marks and copyrighted material.  Failing to obtain this report could result in avoidable downtime, lost revenue, and litigation.

Since The Clearance Lab provides a scene-by-scene breakdown of your script, you have easy access to the clearance issues that arise in each scene. Additionally, the script clearance report provides you with the contact information that you’ll need to obtain rights to use products, business names, and other protected material.  We also suggest alternatives when an issue in the script is more easily resolved by making changes.

A script clearance report provides information needed to satisfy your E&O carrier and also alerts the producer to areas of possible legal exposure in the script. Our experienced team of researchers will compile your report, and prior to delivery, an experienced entertainment attorney will review and revise your report.

Secure your script clearance report from The Clearance Lab here.